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Vision in action

2020 marks the end of Berkeley’s decade-long ‘Our Vision’ integrated business strategy and the company asked Luminous to highlight the achievements from this 10-year period in a multi-channel communications campaign, aimed at both an internal and an external audience.

While looking back at the strategy and performance against Berkeley’s 2018–20 commitments, the communications also needed to present new strategic goals and principles for its future responsible business by presenting a new framework.

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Entitled ‘Ten years of focus’, the content highlighted how Berkeley never loses sight of what’s important. With a decade of achievements behind the company, its focus to become a world-class business has never been clearer.

The creative concept delved deeper into the success stories within five focus areas and highlighted how ‘Our Vision’ is at the heart of everything Berkeley does.

The main channels were an animated film and brochure. The content generated for the collateral were repurposed for use in the Annual Report.

Luna Raphael, Creative Director

We all know that film is proven to connect more powerfully than any other channel, and animation is a highly effective way of engaging your key audiences.

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