Berkeley Group

Building communities

For the FTSE 100 Berkeley Group, property development is all about long-term regeneration that unlocks social and economic value for the benefit of local communities. Berkeley takes a holistic approach to placemaking, which goes beyond the conventional role of a developer and puts the strength and wellbeing of the wider community at the heart of every plan.

With this in mind, and coming to Berkeley’s annual report for the first time, we set out to more clearly articulate the company’s values, vision and strategy, as well as its regard for all stakeholders. The report highlighted how Berkeley understands the importance of long-term transformation, investing in the communities around its developments and keeping placemaking at the heart of its approach.

From an investment perspective, the report showcased how transforming underused places into successful neighbourhoods creates greater economic, social, environmental and commercial value over the full development cycle. We refined the presentation of Berkeley’s business model, highlighting its long-term view of value creation in terms of jobs created and the skills base developed; stakeholder partnerships and relationships; environmental gains; and shareholder benefits.

Reinforcing the message of the business model, we enhanced the use of photographic case studies as evidence of Berkeley’s actions speaking as loudly as its words, whether that’s in putting people at the heart of the decision-making process, managing sites that are complex to develop, or maintaining a clear focus on sustainability through ESG initiatives and biodiversity net gains. And there is little better way of putting all this across than in an inspiring collection of before-and-after imagery.

From its front cover onwards, the report highlights how properties are for people and how it is through building and developing that today’s vibrant communities are created.