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Severn Trent

Award-winning ESG

As a utility, Severn Trent is always under pressure to perform, deliver benefits to a wide number of stakeholders and give confidence to Ofwat. More and more it also needs to present a credible ESG story to its investor audience.

The organisation hosted a Capital Markets Day (CMD) to cement its position as a strong ESG stock and illustrate how the company’s ambitions on the environment and society made good business sense. Severn Trent is driven by ESG: the directors say the environment is its supply chain, so taking care of it is fundamental to its business. The CMD allowed the company to make important updates about future plans and commitments.

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Luminous created two key communication tools for the event. An animation presented by the CEO showed how Severn Trent was investing billions in creating a better environment: improving biodiversity, reducing leakage and educating the next generation about water and the environment. A shorter edit was distributed via social media.

As well as the animation, we wanted to give stakeholders something to physically engage with and keep on file as a useful reference guide. A fold-out brochure outlined Severn Trent’s approach to sustainability. Central to the brochure is a powerful infographic; this was created specifically to give stakeholders something they can review on a single page that showed all ESG commitments in an easy-to-digest and interesting way.


Best Communication of ESG in the FTSE 100, IR Society Best Practice Awards

Best ESG Investor Meeting, IR Magazine

Alan Hines, Managing Partner

There is nothing better than positive client feedback. I was at a Capital Markets Day run through, with 350 senior Severn Trent managers, and I was bombarded with praise for the work we have been doing for this event and beyond.

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