Looking forward… predictions for 2018

As January is the perfect month for predicting trends, below are some of the Luminous team’s thoughts on what 2018 will bring for the world of corporate communications.

Stephen Butler, Investor Engagement Director

“I believe 2018 will see two main trends in corporate reporting: a focus on long-term value creation and the re-emergence of digital reporting.

I chose long-term value creation as the theme for the second edition of Luminous’ ‘Reporting Matters’ as I believe it is the key to sustainable growth. How do we achieve this? Purpose and culture are at the heart of it, something that our recent survey also testified.

As for digital reporting, the European Single Electronic Format will require companies from 2020 to file their Annual Report in XHTML, along with their primary financial statements using iXBRL. Its emergence will fundamentally change how corporates – and their agencies – produce online annual reports. It will truly be a marriage of design and technology.”

Dominic Moore, Digital Engagement Director

“Although the world is becoming increasingly digital, many companies still think ‘print-first’. We will see the governance of online brand and reputation and management of multiple online channels become increasingly important.”

Lizzie Lucas, Digital and Content Manager

“’Content marketing’ isn’t thought of as separate from brand messaging, employee engagement or corporate comms any more – combined with design and digital, it will play a much more integrated role in telling your brand story.”

Tracey Westgate, Client Services Director

“Our clients are increasingly under pressure due to reduced teams, tight deadlines and additional responsibilities on top of their day jobs. From a client service perspective, this means offering an increasingly tailored service to our clients made possible through listening and understanding their challenges, having best-in-class teams and slick, robust internal systems.”

Nada Zbirek, Head of Marketing

“I believe GDPR is going to result in a move from monologue to dialogue in marketing, ultimately giving rise to a much more targeted and intelligent way of engaging audiences.”


As for Luminous, what will be in store for us this year? Creative Partner, Jon Towell shares his thoughts.

“2018 will be such an exciting year for Luminous. The forthcoming move to our new studio has acted as the catalyst for so many new ideas on who we are as an agency and the influence we can have. We will be launching a new purpose, which will drive us forward and align the team and our clients around a common goal. I’m also particularly excited about our new digital offer and how this will make us truly integrated in our approach – something that I know clients value about us.

As ever, the year will see a number of trends that open exciting opportunities. But amongst these, an old and simple truth will shine through: people buy people. So I see the challenge this year as every other year: to act as an extension of our clients’ teams, working in collaboration to create wonderful things together. And to do so with integrity, with understanding and with a smile.”



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Nada Zbirek

Nada works closely with Luminous' Board of Directors to define and deliver an effective marketing strategy, aligned to the agency's business objectives.