Blog post / 21.06.18

Another clean sweep at Property Marketing Awards

Following on from last years success, Luminous enjoyed another night of recognition at the 2018 Property Marketing Awards, with our report for Grainger winning the ‘Best Report’ award.

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Blog post / 07.06.18

Ask not what you can do for your company, but what your company can do for you

This week’s Luminous spotlight shines on sustainability, an increasingly important consideration as stakeholders question the private sector’s precise role in society.

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Blog post / 24.05.18

Setting the agenda through effective corporate governance

This week’s Luminous spotlight shines on corporate governance: the system by which all companies are directed and controlled.

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Blog post / 18.05.18

A truly scrumptious evening

In scenes not dissimilar to the Scrumptious Sweet Co. factory in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Luminous team enjoyed a lollipop making evening at Spun Candy.

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Blog post / 17.05.18

Strategy at the centre

This week's spotlight shines on strategy. If the business model is the beating heart of the annual report, strategy is the pivot around which the rest of the report revolves.

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Blog post / 15.05.18

Brand Matters – so what’s the latest thinking?

In our first issue of Brand Matters, we discuss some of the key issues and growing trends facing corporate brand leaders today.

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Blog post / 14.05.18

Doing our bit for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

To support Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re taking each day this week to focus on a different aspect of stress in the workplace.

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Blog post / 10.05.18

From informing to engaging

Following our recent events with CIPR Inside on the role of design and content in driving engaging and authentic communications, we share some thoughts on how to achieve this.

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