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Strategic storytellers

As strategic storytellers, we care about understanding our clients and their stories. We seek out the opportunities that sit within, bring them to the surface, and make them shine.

Connecting strategic insight and creativity to business outcome. This is our craft. Presenting clear cases for responsible investment. Embedding sustainable thinking. Telling ownable brand stories. Strengthening culture as teams get more remote. Illuminating possibility for those who do business with you and those who work for you.

Our mission is to be a high performance strategic communications partner, where insight, expertise and innovation drive sustainable growth.


Why clients choose Luminous

  • Proven best-in-class

    The quality of our thinking and creativity receives widespread industry recognition. Our clients enjoy multiple award wins, year after year.

  • Blending strategic insight and creativity

    We put strategic insight at the heart of our process. It informs the creative ideas, ensuring that solutions are highly effective at telling your story.

  • Bespoke design

    We are respected for bringing engaging and creativity into the corporate world, tailoring design solutions to meet individual challenges.

  • Joined-up thinking

    Our account teams work with clients across all our specialist areas. This integrated approach creates more insightful relationships, driving more coherent and effective solutions.

  • Resilient and enabling IT support

    Working with listed entities and major international corporations requires robust security levels and we have evolved IT solutions that ensure uptime, resilience and more efficient transfer of data and content.

  • An empathetic partner

    We act as an extension of your team and tailor our approach to work in a way that suits you best.

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What our values mean to our clients

  • Lead with insight

    Our clients value the quality of our thinking. We come primed with expertise, but always listen hard to understand the unique challenges they face and embrace their perspectives. So our ideas are grounded in strategic insight, which means they resonate further, have greater impact and are more effective.

  • Create positive impact

    Our clients value our passion to do our very best for them. We don’t settle for good when we could push things to be great. We love nothing more than hearing they are proud of what we have done together. That’s what drives us.

  • Build teams, remove barriers

    Our clients value the way we work as an extension of their team. We believe collaboration counts and strive to build effective, innovative and sustainable relationships. To us, partnership means utilising our skills to help meet their business and personal challenges and solve problems together.

  • Be kind

    Our clients value our empathy. We take the time to understand their challenges and to find ways to support them. We are open-minded and friendly people to work with. We share the load as well as a few smiles along the way.

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Leadership Team

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  • Sustainability & Impact Director

  • Head of Purpose, Brand & Culture

  • Client Services Director

  • Creative Director

  • Co-founder and Managing Partner

  • Co-founder and Creative Partner

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