Employee engagement

The power of brand to engage staff and sustain growth

The biggest change Luminous has experienced in the past couple of years is the growth in employee engagement. Working with many PLC businesses, a key challenge that consistently comes up is the need to attract the right talent.

The current war for talent and the changing needs and demands of the millennial workforce mean businesses are having to work harder than ever to engage with employees. When it comes to developing brands I’ve seen a greater focus and appreciation by leadership teams to create genuine authenticity around how they engage with employees and prospective recruits. Businesses are increasingly giving as much weighting to the development of their employee value proposition as they would have done previously for their corporate brand proposition.

We have also seen an increased focus by many businesses around how they develop, promote and express their sustainability activities. Through genuine sustainability activities and contributions to the wider world businesses are seeing this as an ideal foundation to help substantiate and drive its sense of purpose. Responsible activities carried out by employees also create authentic stories and content that, if articulated and expressed in the right way, help make brands more appealing and real.

We work with businesses to help them articulate and express an authentic brand proposition that considers the wider purpose of the business and its commitment to its values, as well as advise and support them to genuinely engage their employees in a meaningful and distinctive way.

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