Creating memorable experiences

Our technical expertise means it’s a given that functionality will be effective, navigation intuitive and technology will work across all devices. However, it’s storytelling and great ideas that will really bring a client’s business to life.

The design experience is therefore centred around the user and we explore our thinking with clients through interactive wireframes, moodboards and design concepts before settling on the final creative.

We love a ‘big idea’ and the idea should go beyond the traditional confines of the website to really strike a chord with the target audience. This is where content is the vital thread that can make or break a website.

It is the content, coupled with the experience, that drives users to engage, return and share. Using video, animation, infographics, case studies and facts, we can enhance the story and provide value to every page, adding pace and personality.

With the growing presence of social media, now more than ever there is scrutiny on how a company presents itself, particularly as the lines between home and work blur as these digital channels proliferate. So creating experiences that are memorable, relevant and innovative are what makes brands stand out from the crowd.

Here at Luminous, we rise to this challenge and work hard to deliver engaging experiences that resonate with all our clients.

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