How do we make our complex story clear?

Silence Therapeutics

In the complex world of biotechnology, presenting yourselves with clarity is key.

Silence Therapeutics (ST) wished to create a new corporate website that explained what they do, and what their impact on the world could be, in a way that didn’t require a PHD.

As well as simplifying the content, we dialled up the storytelling and developed a more engaging narrative. The website is fully responsive and built using the Umbraco CMS. Functionality includes integrated share feeds from Brighter IR as well as a number of other interactive elements and bespoke landing pages. The new website was launched within 3 months of brief.

The creative development stage was also used as an opportunity to refresh their brand and develop their corporate personality. This involved revising the identity and reviewing the colour palette.

To emphasise that people sit at the heart of their innovation, we created an image library reflecting the international teams working on ST’s research and drug development.

The website was developed in tandem with an annual report. This streamlined the process and meant that new content, imagery and graphics could be used across multiple communications, which drove consistency and also proved effective from a cost and time perspective.

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