How can we drive distinctiveness?

PPHE Hotel Group

A recent PwC analysis of reporting trends concluded that ‘reports have coalesced into something that look increasingly similar, with most companies reporting in their comfort zone and lacking the individuality to set them apart.’ 

At Luminous, we embrace the opportunity to make reports stand out as much as possible, and the PPHE Hotel Group annual report is a good example of distinctive design and narrative.

It epitomises the company’s compelling brand experience and unique approach. It captures the inspiring culture of the upscale hotel group, delivering a ‘statement piece’ unmatched in their market. The magazine style presents an innovative, entrepreneurial business that offers tremendous opportunities for developers, partners, employees  and shareholders.

And there is substance beneath the show. The report meets its best practice and communication targets, providing a holistic overview of the business, its performance and future direction. In the words of one stakeholder, “As well as presenting a good investment case, I wanted to put it on my coffee table.”

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