Capturing the purpose behind a global business

National Express Group

Purpose is high on the reporting agenda at the moment, reflecting the Financial Reporting Council’s current focus on culture.

The National Express Group report presents a purpose-driven business, setting out how its healthy corporate culture is a valuable asset, a source of competitive advantage and vital to the creation and protection of long-term value.

The report explains how purpose is the lifeblood of the organisation. It presents the benefits it makes ‘beyond profit’, enhancing the communities and societies it operates in, creating jobs, developing valuable products and services and achieving sustainable returns.

When highly commended at the PwC Excellence in Reporting Awards, the judges commented: ‘The report is grounded in the company’s values, while also providing engaging insights into its markets and risks. The reporting on both governance and remuneration is highly engaging, including good detail on non-financial conditions and linkage between strategy and remuneration.’

Best Annual Report
Corporate & Financial Awards
Best Strategic Report, FTSE 250
ICSA Excellence in Governance Awards
Best Communication of Investment Case
IR Society Best Practice Awards
Corporate Social Responsibility Award
PLC Awards (Shortlisted)