Enhancing sector reputation


In the world of gambling, reputation can be a high-risk game.

The catalyst for Kindred’s first standalone Sustainability Report was putting its sustainability strategy into action, being a best-in-class operator and gaining a standout sector reputation.

To help inform its sustainability strategy, extensive research and interviews were carried out with internal and external audiences. The findings then informed the business’s five strategic priorities: Responsible gambling, Maintaining integrity, Running a compliant business, Being Kindred and Contributing to our communities.

These priorities are brought to life in the report through strong branding and splash pages, which highlight key statistics and information related to each priority. Interviews with key employees at Kindred add a human element and explain what sustainability means to individual employees, demonstrating that sustainability is truly integrated throughout the business.

Adhering to the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, the Sustainability Report aligns with the Annual Report, creating an integrated suite of reporting communications.