Leading the sector in property reporting


Our report for FTSE 250 Grainger won ‘best report’ at the 2018 Property Marketing Awards, reflecting its insightful presentation of the organisation’s strategic direction and governance. 

At its heart, the publication outlines a clear story of value creation through its business model: ‘originate, invest and operate’, demonstrating how Grainger is using its resources to optimise market drivers, and how it will achieve its 2020 goals.

It presents clearly how Grainger will navigate risks and how it aligns reward to long-term performance under the leadership of management and Board.

The strategic story sets out a clear message of accountability – building trust with key influencers. Case studies highlight Grainger’s core strategy of growing its property portfolio and delivering sustainable returns, while providing customers with great homes to live in.

The annual report contributed to an exceptionally successful investor relations (IR) programme and robust performance with Grainger’s share price outperforming its peers since publication. Its IR programme has achieved positive investor feedback, strong support among its top shareholders, and a growing shareholder base among its key investor targets. The report is also integral to Grainger’s internal communications.

Best Annual Report, Property Marketing Awards 2018 (Winner)