How can we get personality into FTSE100 reporting?


It’s an interesting paradox that as you go ‘up and up’ the FTSE, Annual Reports seem to have ‘less and less’ personality. And in the FTSE 100, it certainly seems that distinctive storytelling is losing the battle to corporate box-ticking.

As a FTSE 100 organisation, the Informa Annual Report clearly needed to present a robust, sustainable business, well placed for market growth.

But it also needed to reflect the personality of the people who deliver this growth and capture the inspirational culture that sets the media group apart from its peers.

Building on the exciting new brand experience (created by Luminous in 2014), the report features an imaginative array of graphic treatments, combining print and finishing effects, illustration and portraiture.

Winner: ARC International Awards, Best Annual Report
Winner: ARC International Awards, Best Annual Report illustration
Winner: Mercury Awards, Best Annual Report, Overall Presentation: Media