What do Bruce Springsteen and brand authenticity have in common?

If brand authenticity can be defined as giving people a reason to care, how do we create authenticity to fuel a better connection?

Jon Towell answers this question in the summer issue of PM Forum‘s members’ magazine and introduces the topic by reminding us of the ‘living authenticity’ that is Bruce Springsteen.

‘It’s 15 March 1999, New York City, and Bono is welcoming Bruce Springsteen into the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame. Here’s a shortened version of his speech.

“Rock stars are supposed to make soap operas of their lives, aren’t they? If they don’t kill themselves first. Well, you can’t be a big legend and not be dysfunctional. It’s not allowed. Then there’s Bruce Springsteen. Handsome, handsome mother with those brooding brown eyes that could see right through America. Credibility – you couldn’t have more, unless you were dead. He didn’t sell the hype that screwed so many people. Instead he wrote real stories about real people. He connected through authenticity with a simple heartfelt narrative. He’s America’s soul, and the writer of its story.”’

Read the full article in PM Forum magazine.



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Jon Towell

Creative Partner Jon Towell co-founded Luminous. He now specialises in helping clients articulate strategic stories that connect with key influencers.