Mudders’ Day

How did you spend your bank holiday? We spent ours like happy little pigs rolling around in mud!

On Saturday 29 April, a group of us from Luminous took on the Tough Mudder obstacle course in Henley-on-Thames.

I should start off by apologising to the men in our team – Alan, Mark, Justin and Jimmy – as we girls – Laura, Nat, Rose and Jenna – quite literally walked all over you guys when it came to getting over those high walls. Thanks, guys!

The course had 13 obstacles which took us crawling through mud to avoid barbed wire, wading through ice cold water and sliding through narrow tunnels, all scattered over five miles of trail-like hills. Seasoned pro Nat saw just how easily Justin tackled the first wall, so after that we made sure he was chief lifter (sorry, Justin!). Once we had made it over the first obstacle, the once nervous Rose was loving life, and we were struggling to keep up with her and Alan, who set the pace at the front. Whilst newlyweds Jimmy and Jenna thought they were still on their honeymoon enjoying a mud bath, Mark and Alan stepped up their game by running Rose and myself down in the hero carry (piggy-back race to others). Odd numbers meant we left poor Nat to fend for herself when it came to this obstacle; fear not, as she was quickly swept off her feet by a couple of veterans to the course who carried her to the end. A huge shout-out goes to Laura, who had just run the London Marathon six days earlier – there’s dedication to the team!

If you ever need a reason to kick and climb all over your work colleagues, Tough Mudder is your opportunity. Great teamwork and a fun day out had by all. Same again next year?

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