Doing our bit for Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

We know we work in a busy and lively environment – we often have multiple deadlines, it may be a concepts meeting to prepare for, a cost proposal to crack and a report proof to deliver. The clock ticks, the phone rings, the buzz of the agency whizzing around you, your to-do list may seem to get longer rather than shorter. It can be exciting, it can be stressful. You might feel like a duck, calm on the surface, but paddling furiously underneath. The day-to-day working environment affects everyone’s health and wellbeing. We need to be mindful of what is going on around us and try to take a break or at least slow down at times.

Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, this year’s focus for Mental Health Awareness Week (14-20 May) is stress. To support this initiative, we’re taking each day this week to target a different aspect of stress in the workplace, following the steps that reduce stress and thus hopefully making our daily life at the studio better and getting a little happier and healthier.

Eat healthily. To help protect yourself from stress, you should eat well. We had a mindful, full of energy, breakfast this morning. Granola, fruit, smoked salmon – a healthy start to the week!

Sharing is caring. There are loads of apps, articles, books, quotes and tips we are sharing internally about stress/meditation.

Take a break. We run weekly yoga sessions at Luminous but this week, we are also suggesting to our teams that we go for a walk. The area around Farringdon is great for exploring little parks, squares and cute residential streets. You can be in Angel or by St Paul’s and the river in 20 minutes.

Switch off. We are going to make lollipops in the evening! Over the recent years, there’s been a growing awareness that engaging arts and crafts can help build wellbeing. Our Luminous social takes our creative side out for a night! And we’ll have a drink or two, to let off steam.

Embrace your inner child. To end the week, we’ll have some board games in our breakout space, and some colouring sheets to channel some break times and interact with other colleagues.

Read the Mental Health Foundation’s report – Stress: are we coping?

Take the stress test.


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Emma McNicoll-Norbury

As an Account Director, Emma oversees key Luminous accounts across brand, corporate communications, corporate reporting and digital.