Managing corporate comms in the modern PLC

Always interested in discovering latest perspectives and fresh insight, we recently co-hosted a breakfast roundtable with Communicate to understand the challenges that today’s corporate communicators are facing. Three significant themes emerged:

Leading the leader
What happens when CEOs are constantly being told to be more human and authentic in their communications in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors? They come across as media-groomed, rolling out the same stock phrases that everyone else is using…and so appearing the same as everyone, not different. Even worse, they seem insincere. Does anyone else remember Tony Blair’s attempts to ‘de-posh’ his accent in order to appear more accessible?

Governing your brand in a digital world
Your biggest brand ambassadors are your employees and customers, whose sound piece is the digital world. You can have the most attractive brand in the world, but if your employees and customers don’t believe that you’re truly transparent and remain core to your values, your reputation is at stake – and an online reputation can unravel very quickly.

A distinctive corporate narrative saves the day – and creates and drives purpose
A verbal iteration of the brand in the form of corporate narrative can give a brand consistent, credible and differentiated messages, which have the power to lead, unite and align and thus create purpose. The rallying call of a strong corporate narrative is not to be underestimated.                                   

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Ingrid Brown

As Brand Engagement Director, Ingrid specialises in helping businesses express and articulate their brand story in a differentiated and relevant way that helps them drive sustainable growth.