Kerning The Gap

Back in June I took part in a scheme called ‘Kerning The Gap’ a mentoring scheme that aims to help and empower women to rise in the design industry.

Did you know that 70% of graphic design students are women – yet only 11% are Creative Directors? With this in mind, and with support from Luminous, I decided to attend the kick-off meeting of the 2017 scheme which saw like-minded people who want to see more women in design leadership roles, to hear their voices and be inspired to create change. From this evening, I have been paired with a lovely lady who has been in the creative industry for 15+ years and has worked her way up to be Managing Director for an international company.

The idea of this 12-month scheme is to learn, develop, adapt and grow from knowledge passed between the Mentor and Mentee. We aim to meet up informally once a month for a couple of hours, and I personally see this relationship as an ongoing development which will last much longer than the initial 12 months. So far we have discussed many different things, but with a main focus around leadership skills.

A great nugget passed onto me from my Mentor has been that it is beneficial to have three different types of ‘Mentors’ in your life:

· Someone close to you – this could be personally or within your work place.
· Someone who knows your craft well – this could be someone you work closely with, for example the Creative Director (or Design Director in my case).
. Someone far away – this is where the KTG mentoring scheme comes in.

For all creatives out there – male or female, junior, senior or director level – this scheme has made me realise how important it is to get an outside perspective, which ultimately, I believe, helps you to progress your career in the way in which you want it to.

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